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“Absolutely LOVE Simply Royal soaps! The all natural blend of ingredients hydrates my sensitive skin leaving it smooth & silky! My whole family LOVES it, even my husband!!!”

— April

“This soap has been such a great find for my family. I suffer from plaque psoriasis and Simply Royal soap has made huge improvements on my skin. I won't use anything else. Hands down, the best quality soap you'll find.”

— Katie

“Teresa's soaps for my bridal shower were absolutely amazing, smelled incredible, and made my skin feel fantastic. They were a great gift/favors to give to my guests after my bridal shower was over and everyone loved them.”

— Jenna

“I discovered Simply Royal's soap about 2 years ago at a venue and I fell in love with the amazing handcrafted soap. There really is none like this soap. Beautifully made, smells are light but natural, not fake, and very comforting to my skin. It is gentle and I am a forever customer to Simply Royal soap. I highly recommend this handcrafted soap to all.”

— Kelley

“Simply Royal soap is hands down our family's favorite. Never did I think, when I thought I was spoiling myself, that my family would be stealing my luxury soap. Teresa's attention to quality is impeccable. The lather is so smooth and the scents are always perfection.”

— Stephanie

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